Here is visual instruction on how to find us and don’t get lost:

1. If you come from the Airport, you can either ride your bike, or take a shared taxi #8, or a marshrut taxi #8. Here is a map:


2. When you reach 82 roundabout (circle), stop, take off a car, cross the street and walk towards Saodat trading center:


3. From the Saodat trading center cross the street and you will see 9 story apartment building with cell towers on top. Walk towards it:


4. If you are riding your bike, then go from behind entrances towards secured parking space to leave your bike. If you are walking then walk towards the 3rd entrance of the 9 story apartment building.


5. To make sure you are on the right way, check the address, on the wall – 34/1 Gafurova str.


6. Walk towards the 3rd entrance, or the 1st from the garage. Take a lift to 7th floor, than take a stair to the 6th floor. Find a door with Yeti sign and knock 3 times. You are there!


7. You may leave your bike in the secured parking area. Tell the security guy, that you are Yeti Hostel guest.


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